NO reputable agency will ask you for money for fee's, registration or photographs for a portfolio - do not accept these requests.



  • Professional pictures are NOT necessary but

               GIRLS must be at least 5'8" to apply (5'6" - 5'8" if aged between 13 and 16 years old)

               BOYS must be at least 6'0" to apply (5'11 if you are aged 14 - 17 years old)

  • We want to see NATURAL photo's where we can see your bone structure.

  • The photo submitted alongside your application needs to be a FRONT FACING headshot.

  • Try to RELAX your face, do not smile or pout!

  • Keep hair as natural as possible, but make sure it is not obscuring your cheeks.

  • Please DO-NOT wear make-up, sunglasses or hats etc.

  • In a side profile we need to see the jawline, hair needs to be kept away from the face.

  • Photo's need to be in COLOUR with no computer effects or re-touching.

  • Avoid wearing baggy clothes and simply stand up straight with your shoulders back.

  • Please take photos against a plain backdrop and with natural light (either outside or near to a window) but without glare.

  • Please do not send social media selfies etc.

            *** THERE IS NO UPPER AGE LIMIT ***