Is there any cost to me if I want to start modelling?

The simple answer is NO. With camera phones now available to most people it is easy to submit pictures to us. In fact, we don't really want to see professional pictures because the photographer has probably edited them, we need to see the 'real' you, warts and all.


I've been offered a photoshoot by a photographer to help build my portfolio, it costs £200 should I do it?

Our answer would be NO. Again you do not need professional photographs taken for an agency to tell if you are good enough to model. If we like your look and think you have what it takes then we will invest in you by organising our own photoshoot at our expense.


How do I know if the person who scouted me is genuine?

Easy. Anyone connected to Daniel Model Management will have an official business card with their name, title and contact details. If you want to verify these details then email us at info@danielmodelmanagement.com with all of the details and we'll verify the person for you.


What happens next if I have been scouted by you?

If one of our scouts has stopped you and exchanged details then we think you've probably got what it takes to be a model. If this is the case we'll contact you and/or your parents (if under 17) to arrange a meeting with you and talk you through the next steps in a few more details.


What happens if I am still in education?

Don't worry there are lots of models who are still at school, college or university. At Daniel Model Management we think securing good results from your education is incredibly important as these are the foundations of your future, modelling comes second. We'll arrange with you, your parents and your placement agency when you are available to work such as school holidays and arrange everything around your education.


I'm afraid that I'm too fat to model?

Firstly we don't refer to models as fat or skinny, we don't think this is appropriate as people are often naturally one or the other and are still healthy and beautiful. Thankfully many agencies are now taking models who are outside the 'normal' parameters of modelling and have special divisions known as 'curve'. At Daniel Model Management we have found placements for models of all shapes and sizes who have gone on to have some exciting careers. Please have the confidence to contact us regardless of your shape or size.


What if I'm too old to model?

Modelling is a 'cradle to grave' industry. Models work from all ages, babies through to teens, through to middle age and older ages. Child modelling is a speciality of its own and so, unfortunately, we do not represent any models under 13. However, we do not have an upper age limit. Sure breaking into the industry post 25 can be challenging but also very rewarding. It's crazy to hear people say "Oh I'm too old to model" or "I'm past it now". Our response is 'never say never'. We once scouted a 67-year-old grandma who had never modelling but has now worked with some great clients including TK Maxx, Debenhams, John Lewis, Laura Ashley and more.


Will I make a lot of money as a model?

If we had a pound for every time we're asked this question we'd be super rich. Modelling is like any job, you can make a lot of money if you work hard and have the right attitude.

The fashion industry is very fast paced and looks that clients prefer to change all of the time. One minute you might be in high demand working for a lot of clients and making a lot of money, other times you may be quieter as another look is preferred and so you earn less money. Quick wins in the modelling industry are very few and far between. A model may not start earning the exciting money until perhaps 2-3 years down their career path but the adventures before that are more exciting.

Sure you may not have made tens of thousands of pounds yet but you've been flown all around the world by clients, staying in great hotels with great food and company.


I'm only 13, will you sign me?

If we think you have some exciting potential as a model and you're 13 or over then yes we will sign you. However, it's really important to know that because of your young age we have to make sure you are well looked after and taken care off. This means that you won't really work with many/any clients until you are 16. Instead, you will meet with placement agencies in your home country and in your school holidays meet with us so we can stay in touch and start to build a relationship. We'll also organise test shoots for you in the holidays to help you gain experience and know what to expect.

A test shoot is a photographer who will help you feel more confident having your photograph taken and a chance for your family to see what goes on too. These photographs are not shared with clients but are away for us to see your progress ready for when you finish school and can truly get started by meeting clients for work.